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Rey GRID: For reliable networks

We introduce ourselves

Rey Technology is committed to sustainable and social progress by strengthening the backbone of our society: our energy supply. We are committed to a smart and stable grid infrastructure to make it more flexible and ensure a reliable energy supply.

With our experienced team of over 100 experts, we develop tailor-made solutions for the automation and digitalization of energy grids. These solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of energy suppliers and grid operators.

For over 40 years, Rey Technology has been providing high-quality automation, IT and digitalization solutions in the industrial sector. But also for supporting municipalities, grid operators and cross-connected companies. Our company stands for reliability, quality and outstanding engineering services. We make the future.


Our mission

Our mission at Rey Technology is to improve energy supply through the development of advanced digital systems. These systems make infrastructure more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly. We equip utilities with the tools they need to modernize their grids and strengthen the systems that depend on them. More stable grids facilitate the integration of renewable energy, securing energy supplies for our communities and future generations.

As makers, we specifically look for sensible solutions and leave out the unnecessary. Our solution for grid control technology supports precisely this mission: With Rey GRID, we have created a platform that is easy to use, quickly visualizes the grid status and thus creates the basis for efficient work. What we have been good at for years, we use specifically to help with our strengths and make a real difference.

Grid control system for energy supply companies

The Rey GRID network control system optimizes operations management in the areas of electricity, gas, water and district heating. It combines advanced visualization and monitoring to maximize the efficiency and reliability of your critical infrastructure. Rey GRID is designed to provide improved operational control and safety while increasing efficiency in critical infrastructure sectors.

More progress: Rey GRID provides an intuitive, topological overview of the network infrastructure with automatic network coloring to visualize the operating status in real time.

More reliability the system integrates seamlessly into existing system landscapes and supply infrastructures. The high level of reliability minimizes operational interruptions and increases overall reliability.

More possibilities: Rey GRID supports the management and control of cross-connections in municipal spaces, including including the integration of electricity, water, wastewater, district heating and gas networks This is made possible by advanced topology functions and SCADA capabilities.

More efficiency: With the Asset Monitor, Rey GRID offers detailed visualizations and documentation of the system statuses that are essential for regional control centers. This supports the efficient management and control of medium-voltage grids, for example, and improves decision-making.

Two modules for great security

Module: Visualization and monitoring

Rey GRID alerts in the event of short-circuits and earth faults by using the signals from the protection devices to detect fault locations or fault directions. Direction indicators and impedance measurements are used to localize faults. Line colorations and markings in the grid image represent the fault location, enabling faster containment and localization of faults, more targeted deployment of service personnel and improved supply quality.


Rey GRID automatically detects and reports irregularities and possible faults in the grid. This allows operating personnel to react immediately and minimize downtimes.


Long-term data analysis and trending functions provide valuable insights into operational performance and support strategic planning and preventive maintenance.

  • Single line diagram with topological functions
  • Basic and load overview
  • Fault localization
  • Alarm management
  • Report and log security

Module: Control and management

Topological overview: Rey GRID provides a clear and detailed view of the network topology, making it possible to see the entire infrastructure at a glance. This makes it easier to understand complex network structures and supports effective control and troubleshooting.

Load management

Clear display of load flows and switching states in the grid, including display of important operating parameters.

  • Switching sequence management
  • Load management

The services at a glance

Rey GRID is your complete solution for energy monitoring and control. We start with a detailed analysis and visualization of your system landscape. Through integration with Zenon, we offer clear representations of critical grid parameters. Our comprehensive consulting services support you in rollout and investment planning. In addition, we offer you 24/7 support and training to ensure that your network infrastructure always functions optimally.

Analysis & conceptual design

Our approach begins with an in-depth analysis of the existing processes and systems in network monitoring. In the process we record the current network topology and visualize it schematically, including the process representation of all switching states. The aim of this detailed analysis is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the existing network infrastructure, which is crucial for the introduction of optimized control and monitoring processes.

As part of the preliminary project, we evaluate the existing systems, the connected nodes and their communication channels. We define the rollout process and draw up a precise cost estimate. Through this holistic approach, we ensure that our customers have a clear idea of the necessary steps and the associated investments.

  • Schematic visualization of the network infrastructure and representation of the switching states
  • Review of the current processes and systems in grid monitoring.
  • Definition of the rollout process: determination of the steps for implementation
  • Cost estimation

System integration and implementation

The integration of the control technology with the Zenon IT solution forms the core of our Rey GRID product. Here we focus on key modules.

We transfer your network topology including the current network status, define and store critical network parameters which are continuously recorded and analyzed. This includes alarming systems that become active immediately if certain threshold values are exceeded and trending tools that support long-term data analyses.


Advice and support

As a third pillar, we offer comprehensive support and consulting. We accompany the conception of the step-by-step connection of critical points in the network to the control system, offer training for personnel and are available around the clock for support inquiries. Our team ensures that you can take full advantage of our solution and guarantees continuous optimization of your network infrastructure.

Convince with Rey GRID

The Rey GRID network control system offers comprehensive visualization of the supply network, including all sectors such as electricity, gas, water and district heating. It supports the integration of numerous sensors and actuators to determine specific data. This integration enables a central display of measurement data and conditions from the entire supply area and thus creates a new level of transparency in real time.

The grid can be monitored at any time and from any location via secure online access. Rey GRID is characterized by simple and fast configuration and operation, which significantly shortens the training period. The platform ensures uninterrupted operation and provides detailed insights and reports that support effective maintenance and increased safety. Alerting and trending of data helps to make quick and informed decisions.

More clarity: The platform provides a complete overview of all processes in the distribution grid and delivers customized reports on events, alarms and operating values that enable informed decisions.

More technology: Rey GRID ensures long-term investment security through regular updates that comply with the latest safety standards.

More flexibility: With variable layouts and applications for different supply sectors such as electricity (medium and low-voltage levels), heat, gas and water, Rey GRID adapts flexibly to different needs and improves network control and monitoring. The platform can also be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

Rey GRID makes configuration and operation simple and fast. User-friendly functions shorten the familiarization time and the integrated redundancy ensures uninterrupted operation.

More safety: Rey GRID helps to reduce maintenance costs and increase safety by analyzing operating data and pointing out potential problems at an early stage.

You remain independent. Rey GRID is based on broad experience in all energy and utility carriers. In addition, our systems are not proprietary and can easily be integrated into your system landscape.

Rey GRID can be connected to your smart meter and battery management system. Integrating the grid control system with a smart meter and battery management system enables utilities to more accurately control and monitor energy consumption in real time, increase grid stability by balancing peak loads and improve the use of renewable energy, resulting in a more sustainable and cost-efficient energy supply.

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